Does your brain create consciousness . . .
or could the awareness you experience be an abstract, fundamental property of nature?

If awareness is a natural property, “where” exactly does this abstraction reside and how would it interact with your brain in order to satisfactorily explain the correlation of your brain activity with abstraction of your experience? While we associate conscious awareness with the brain, we have not yet found it there. Established science, however, may provide enough clues to think about consciousness in a new way. 


This new idea is based upon a more primary idea about space itself, and the first revised edition explains how our world of space and time is made up of tiny bits of space which exist, as only they can, within a background of non-spacial properties. Awareness itself is non-spacial and could exist as that same, non-spacial background. Inevitable interactions could take place between your material brain and the abstract background by means of Simultaneity and the Observation Effect. If so, the ensuing process could result in the creation of your fully abstract mind, thus explaining the correlation of brain activity and abstract experience.


While this little book contains scientific descriptions and speculations, it’s written in common language so that it can be enjoyed by most of us who have little or no background in science or math.





  GARY BLAISE makes clavichords in San Francisco. A bashful autodidact who dared to write a science book, this befuddled autobarber trims what hairs are left him.



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