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Does your brain create consciousness?
Probably not . . . though it is 
essential to the process.

We associate consciousness with our brain yet no one has found it there . . . or anywhere else. Within a framework of established science, this book offers a compelling new way to think about consciousness, its whereabouts, and its workings.


The second edition describes a universe composed of tiny grains of 
space-time suspended within a non-spacial background. The background is an abstract field of awareness, meanings, concepts, and ideas of every sort, while the grains it hosts make up our familiar field of distinct objects like particles and your brain. Particle evolution and self-awareness result from inevitable interactions between the two fields, primarily by means of something akin to the Observer Effect. Enabled by such mechanics, the abstract experience you’re having right now takes place in that background; outside of space and time, outside of physics . . . but not outside of Nature.


While this little book contains scientific descriptions and speculations, it’s written in common language so that it can be enjoyed by most of us who have little or no background in science or math. Only 100 pages, plus appendices and many illustrations.


You’ve read a lot about consciousness, but this ain’t nothin’ like that.





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Taormina, Italy TSC 2023

The Science of Consciousness


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University of Arizona TSC 2020

The Science of Consciousness


Poster presentation here. article:
Consciousness and Quantized Space

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GARY BLAISE makes clavichords in San Francisco. A bashful autodidact who dared to write a science book, this befuddled autobarber trims what hairs are left him.

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